"Every project starts with a vision and some marking paint".

RHS Crew Member

    Sometimes there is a project that stands out as something special. This recent walkway in Warren County was just that, special. 

This pool refurbishment project was not complete without a proper walk connecting to pool deck to the house.  After careful consideration on the color of stone on the part of the client and some precise layout, we were ready to get started. 

    We pride out selves in the details and this project really highlights that. We took extra time when doing the initial cut out to make sure the curve of the walk was perfect. From start to finish, the line of the curve stayed exactly the same. Each stone was methodically selected, placed, leveled and rechecked.  We really enjoyed working on this project and hope you enjoy the photos.

View from the pool deck prior to adding polymeric sand to the joints. 

We were really happy with the overall curve of the walkway and precision of each stone.